Abby - Crew 2017


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And the journey begins for another great bunch of puppies
Abby backyard
Was bred to Crew
Crew at a show
and so begins the journey
Abby moving
Crew moving

4 weeks

5 weeks

six weeks

eight weeks

the x-ray
June 30th at 2pm here we go!
first girl

second girl

it's a boy

another girl

the gangs all here
5 girls & 2 boys

the boys

the sisters

Light Blue Boy

navy boy

Red girl

Lime girl

Lavender girl

yellow girl

pink girl
So from now on I will be adding pictures each week as they grow!
Week 2
out cold

a whole lot of Crew-tons

lunch time

we still sleep a lot


our eyes are now open

co cute

trying to walk the pigrail

out cold

what a face
Week 3

so bored

eyes and ears are open now

afternoon nap

we are on the move

introduction to the potty pad

navy say I got this

mom I can do this myself!