Abby - Dante 2015


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Abby before

Abby after

Abby's x-ray

The handsome Dante


Dante on the move

And they started arriving on Dec 11, 2015

mom checking on her babies

so proud of herself


spread out all over the box

agility training
So stay tuned as I will add pictures every week from here on out!  Let the cuteness begin!
Dad was so proud!
It is with a heavy heart that we lost our littlest girl Peanut but the rest are thriving and getting bigger evey day
it's a boy dog thing!

puppy pile

snack time
Week 1
hugs from my brother

the milk bar is full

agility training

the piglets all in a row

getting cute

mom shared one of her Christmas toys
Week 2 now our eyes are open and we are mobile

we are up and mobile now


snuggle time

cute face

one is not like the others
Week 3 is here and we are awake and mobile
a new friend


pink knows the way out

new toys

light blue boy

purple girl

sister smack down


cute faces

yellow girl

learning to use the pee pad

freedom at last

a new bed to snuggle in
Week 4
 we are growing fast now

we love our crate

bigger digs

our area earlier in the week

lunch time

Sunny loves her cousins

all the girls love the babies

new toys

not our best picture

all snuggled together


a little love from my son
Week 5 and I'm so far behind...sorry everyone!
Week 6 - and we are gaining weight and growing fast and then the snow storm hit!

our first big snow

trail blazers

where did everyone go

our play station

our ball box
Week 7 and things are getting exciting around here now
Week 8 is here and we are headed out into the world with our new families....Live long and I love you!

yellow girl Skye and family

light Blue Cooper and family

Pink girl Swifty and family

Navy boy Bodhi and Pete

Red girl Sailor and owners

Lime Green girl Nola and family

Purple girl will be co-owned by Patty Crowley and to come!