Carly - Bevo 2014


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Carly 7 weeks prego

our x-ray at just under 9 weeks

waiting for the action to happen

first born son

Carly counting the kids

the milk bar is open

we are finally all here
This was a very hard whelp and we lost a little girl about the 3rd puppy...she was really holding up the works so glad she finally was born so the rest could get out....this was the longest whelp I have ever done and I felt really bad for Carly but she was a trooper...we started at 2:30 in the afternoon and finished at 4am the next morning.

the whole crew


little bit the only girl

tails and dewclaws all done

Day 4 lunch time

secret circle meeting

Oh look we had friends visit

snuggle buddy

any soft spot

Carly's favorite toy
WK 2 is here and we are growing like weeds....our eyes and ears are starting to open

pink girl

sleeping on our backs

brown boy

we are filling out

meeting Aunt Sunny

Sunny loved them

milk coma
Week three is here and boy oh boy are we changing fast!!

freedom from the whelpbox

we love running around

what's over here to get into
up on our feet and moving      

I will eat your face

a meeting of the crew

freedom is great

major nap of the brothers

brown boy

lime green boy

orange boy

purple boy

blue boy

pink girl
This has been a very sad week here at Legacy...we have lost purple boy...he tried so hard to thrive but was unable to stay the course...we will miss him terribly as his mom has looked for him....lots of tears shed here...but we move on and up....

a very sad Carly

we can eat out of a bowl now

we also know where the door is

mom we want to come out

give me a boost brother

please mom let us out

the pounce

Week 4 and we have moved...we are growing fast and we are eating Gram out of house and home....we also pee and poop a lot.....but we are so cute!
new digs

we like it

new crate

little bit

lovely head - blue boy

green boy

green and black

black boy

look how crowded this crate got from the first picture of them in the crate....they are growing like weeds!
Week 5 and we have outgrown our new digs already and Gram had to build us a bigger pen...we also got to go outside for the first time!
outside for the first time

so much to see

of course the boys found a tree

the whole crew

three amigoes

new digs...much larger

and we have a dog bed!

living room time

outside fun

we found the steps
WK 6 and we are still growing and learning to go outside to play and potty...much nicer for Gram we just wish it would get warmer!

black boy

green boy

orange boy

blue boy

little bit



cool fresh water

watching DWTS

can NOT be comfortable

nap time
Week 7 and we are still growing and getting into everything! Thank heavens the temps are getting warmer outside

on the move

smack down

pink girl says back off

sheer joy

black boy be cheeky

he wanted lunch


orange boy

tree eater

stair time