Carly - Zsemle 2011

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Carly 8 weeks

Carly nesting 9am Sat morning

nesting some more

and more nesting

it's getting close to time

1st born daughter 9:35am


1st born girl

2nd born sister 10:30 am

Mom and her daughters
I will continue to add pictures each week as the girls grow.

it's a tough life

pig rail bliss

the girls with their new collars

book ends

Carly keeping a close eye on her girls

2nd born girl

first born girl
Week 2 is just getting started and we are getting fatter by the minute!  Mom is taking really good care of us and it shows!
we are growing...this is the no leg look


snuggly time
We have put on so much weight that grandma had to put new flooring in so that we could walk around better and NOT become swimmers and it's working!!

sleeping beauties
Mom likes to stay in shape hunting squirrels!

notice our new floor

it's egg carton foam rubber

and we have new toys to sleep with

purple girl on the move

pink girl looking for the exit

pink girl eye open now

purple girl almost!

guess who just had lunch??
Well we are 3 weeks old now and things are changing fast for us....we don't see mom very much anymore and Gram has changed our digs.

our first meal

yum we finished it all

Gram is giving us new digs so we are hanging out in the dog bed

our first nap in a crate
We are 4 weeks old now and becoming quite the little dogs!  We have been staying in the kitchen and getting LR time which is fun. Gram was very proud of us yesterday as we ran from the LR back to the kitchen to poop on our papers!  What smart girls we are!!
new digs

can you tell we like the bed!

pink girl trying to eat my chair!

lot's of toys to play with

purple discovers the water bowl

playing is hard work!

we found the toy basket!

out cold
At 4 weeks there is always a new adventure around the we discovered the outside world!!
grass is so cool

wow this is a big yard

Pink girl

purple girl

purple girl chillin

on the move

pink girl moving

we are zonked after being outside for awhile
Week 5 Gram took off for a long weekend to judge dogs so she's back and we are on our schedule now! We are getting bigger and now fuss to go outside to potty instead of in our pen.  We are getting to be quite the little girls.
sisters peeing together

they love their bench

purple standing

purple on point

purple on the move

their BIG stick

pink on the move

sisters and their ball

checking things out

sisterly spat

over it!

great tug time

coming when called

a little more lip time

running free!

play time

sisterly love
We are now 6 weeks old and in to EVERYTHING! we are also learning fun things to do outside like dig holes but we are very cute now!
smack down time

cooling off

hole digging 101

team effort

oh no the cat see's me!

OK I will be careful

I think she likes me

nope it's the cold shoulder treatment!

No more pictures G'ma!

pink and her leaf

purple girl loves sticks

can't seem to hide it from my sister

just chillin

playtime is tough one out one to go
7 weeks old and growing fast!

visitors - it's Seton

and her mom MaryKay

purple girl

this is my other G'ma Barbara!

she's the alpha bitch in this picture!

pink girl

the cat is so fast...we almost got her!

this is what happens AFTER the visitors go home!

out cold
We are now 8 weeks old and INTO everything!
Gracie chilling out




guess who learned how to get on the couch!

hey the couch was easy now the chair

the girls



aren't we cute!!


Gracie with the zoomies

Gracie is gone

Abby can't believe I'm taking another picture!
Week 9 and Gram is trying to catch up on things around the house and we like to help!
coming when called

bug hunting


are we cute or what!?

the "girls" looking for a treat!

guess who has learned to get on top of the sofa to see out the window!
Week 10 and we are growing like weeds!
Week 11 and it's time for Gracie to go to her new family.


Abby doing yard work





in the recliner

waiting for dinner

last nap together