Carly - Zsemle 2012


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Carly at 9 weeks

her X-Ray

here they come! first one is a boy!

two girls came back to back!

two boys came back to back

the whole gang is here...three boys and two girls!
OK from here on out I will be posting every week....they don't do much the first 4 weeks but eat sleep and be cute....then the fun starts!  Stay tuned!! Week 1

the girls (pink & lavender)

Light Blue boy

Black boy

Lavender girl

Royal Blue boy




puppy pile

one on one time with mom

ok not sure what Carly was thinking they are to small to play with the toys!!

pink girl and the Dragon in a stand off!! or is that sleep off!
Week two is here and they are growing like weeds!
almost in a line

these two are always together


black boy

purple girl

royal blue boy

pink girl

notice how we have filled out!

light blue boy
As week 2 ends and we begin week three we are a changing!

our eyes are opening!

black boy

pink girl

purple girl

Gram I'm sleeping!! enough with the pictures!!

one of the boys

filling out
Week 3 is here and we are growing and gaining our voices. We are quite the party litter when we wake up and want to play.

no room at the milk bar

black boy

light blue boy

purple girl

royal blue boy

pink girl

lap time


no where to hide

pink girl stretching

purple girl on the move

we are in moms bed

black & light blue brothers
It's Week 4 and we are growing like weeds and enjoying life great adventure
lunch is served
Gram decided that the whelp box was not big enough for us so the BIG move is on!
we are in the kitchen now

our sister Abby likes us

we love the crate under the table

but something is missing

Ahhh the table is gone and we have a new bed

we love our bed!!
OK Gram is being brave and outside we go!  It's early but so nice out and we had fun!
do you hear the birds

brother & sister

light blue boy rocking the stack

pink girl loves the grass

royal blue smelling the weeds

so after play time it's nap time

black boy

pink girl rocking the stack

Royal blue boy

Lt blue boy swears he didn't dig this hole!

we love being outside!!
It's Week 5 and lots of changes in our Gram has to keep up with us!
Big new crate

Big new bed

It's hot hot hot and Gram broke out our swimming pool

I see you do you see me?

purple girl

pink girl on the new play cot

Black boy rocking the stack

Lt Blue boy on the move

Black boy on the move

Black boy and his ears

Light Blue boy

pink girl

royal blue boy
Then we broke free last night and discovered the living room!!
look at all the bones

we found the bed and toy basket

pink girl watching TV

night night

this puppy has a tough life

purple girl

royal blue boy
WK 6 is here and all the joy that goes with it.....along with all the adventures we can get into!
black boy

light blue boy

purple girl

royal blue boy

pink girl

bucket time

play time
now we have a new talent....finding dirt!

we found the dirt hole...

oh words needed

we are now waiting for dinner

and then it's bed time
Week 7 is here and we are into EVERYTHING!!
LR fun

Gram is calling us

ahhhh our first mud hole

do we dive in or what?

filling out the large bed

light blue boy

no more pictures!

ok that looks comfortable...maybe

no words needed

pink girl on the move

swimming pool time

Purple girl

sisters don't always agree

where's dinner Gram!!
Week 8 and it's almost time for us to go home!!
Royal Blue boy (Vlad) and his family

Black Boy (Chase) and his family

Light Blue Boy (Toby) and his family

Purple Girl (Szophie) and her family

Pink Girl (Molly) and her dad