Paige - Journey 2010

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I think this is going to happen in about 15 minutes.....

Uh-huh, I was right!  Happy Birthday babies!
Week 1..... new borns!

The girls are yellow, pink and red,
and the boys are green, light blue and royal blue. 


Week 1 - they are growing fast.....

pink girl resting

yellow girl and blue boy snugged up

what a face!!!!

mom and pink girl resting

snug as a bug



green boy

I love you mom!
Week 2!!!!
What a line up!

Puppy pillow

Sleeping in! 

Road kill in the box 

Life is hard 

What a good mom 

Ok guys, let's break in 5 -
Go for the long pass! 

NOT QUITE Week 3 - eyes are open!!
Aren't we cute!

Green boy

Play time!


More play time!

Nap time line up

Paige's milk bar open for business!
 Week 3 - eyes are open!!
Up and walking around!

Snooze central

Pile up!

How cute are we?

Any pillow, any time!

Play time!

Our first adventure to the blue bed!

Serious play time -

Our FIRST solid meal :)
Green boy a little full


First stop at the watering hole!

Kitchen lock down

Pink girl

Yellow gilr

Snugged in

Nap time

Kitchen digs

Gram's stinky slipper
Week 4 -Part II

Brothers and one sister

Did you call us?

Green boy looking for a way out

We like this side of the bed

Pink girl


Snugged together

The crew

A nap is a nap

The bed is a little SMALL


The bed is getting really small!!

NEW trampoline

and bunk bed!

Camera ham!

YAY - our new BIG bed

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