Paige - Journey 2010

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WEEK 5 Arrives!      
Camera ham!
YAY - our new BIG bed

Light blue boy's adventure! 

Mom checking in 

More play time 

Posing for g'ma 
Blue boy says "NO MORE PICTURES, please!" 

Well, ok - ONE more 

Toys are ALL mine 

Green boy 
We love the living room!

Freedom and NEW toys! 

Free at last! 

What happened to the milk?? 

Red girl 
Mother and children reunion

Hi mom 
Fun playing with mom!

Did you see the size of the bone basket? 

Bone bonanza!
Getting BIG now -Week 6 arrives with mischief!!!
Kitty encounter

Blue boy

Living Room mischief!

Pink girl chillin

Play hard - sleep hard


Puppy hideaway

2 helping with the road kill

All mine!

Yellow girl

YUM - stink bugs!

Mom still loves us!

Outdoor adventures

Play hard, sleep HARDER

Playing stick with mom

Running free

The whole crew

Whatcha got there mom?
And onto WEEK 7!!!

Freedom only a dig away

Green boy sitting on a log

Light blue boy

Pink girl

Royal blue boy


The hole found us!

Now we found it!

Yellow girl

I see you!

The hideaway

NEW BENCH to play on

Royal blue boy

Light blue boy

Green boy

Yellow girl

Pink girl

Red girl
Time for puppies to go home!  A few family's got away without a going home picture!  I hope to update their pictures soon!!

Mr. Royal Blue Man's New Family

Mr. Green's New Family

Ms. Yellow's New Family

Red girls family

Lt. Blue boys family

Pink girls family

Izzy (red) 12 weeks

Leo (Lt Blue) 12 weeks







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