Paige - Wyatt 2007

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We are now onto dry food...what was I thinking? The next shots are from 5 weeks
It's more fun to play in it!

rearranging the pee towels

Wk 5 nap time!

Playing with new "cat" toy

Black boy

Pink & Tan girls

Makenzie & Blue Boy

Purple Girl

Purple Girl

Pink Girl

How many puppies under the stool?

Blue Boy hiding he thinks

Blue boy coming at you

Black boy & Pink Girl

Black Boy
WK 6 has arrived and we are growing like bad weeds. We also get to be with mom again and the pictures will speak for themselves.


Now mom will show them how to play stick and ball keep away!



We are having website problems but these are some 7 wks pictures
Tan Girl

Purple Girl

Blue boy

Little helpers

Black Boy

Black Boy

Blue Boy

Blue Boy

Pink Girl

Pink Girl

Purple Girl

Purple Girl

Tan Girl

Tan Girl
Here are some week 8 shots and some final shots before they start to go to their new homes.  I will miss this bunch of puppies my first since retiring.  I was able to be with them 24/7 and it makes a difference.

Purple girl

Tan & Purple

Black boy

Water to low to get!!

Her last tug with all the babies

Paige ready for fun!

I can't tell you how much Paige loves her babies!

How cute are we?

Purple girl

Meeting cousin Gabby

Running Free




Brothers last nap together

Brothers Forever

Black Boy and new owner & handler

Tan & Purple

Pink girl with a treasure

Purple girl

Nap time

Whose coming to visit

The perch

Blue boys new mom

whose under the couch

I am

sneak attack

sisters last nap together

Purple girls new family

I think she like me

I love you Maya

Mom is stuck with me now
Well as everyone can see I have kept the "tan" girl who is now Bailey.  All of the shots of her will be added and some that the new owners are sending in.


Bailey & Paige

Rikka(1/2 sister) Bailey & Rez

Bailey & Rez(who is Gabby's sister)

Bailey got to spend the day with Rikka & Rez

Danny(black collar)
 9 weeks


What TP?

Don't blame me!!!

Spit lickin clean

Bailey at 3.5 months

Bailey snuggled in

Bailey at 5 months

Bailey on the move


Bailey on critter watch

Bailey wants to know why she can't go out the cat door?

Not another picture!!

Bailey 12-31-07

Danny stacked 5 months he was black collar

Danny & Santa 07

Danny(blk collar)

Rudy(Blue) & Georgia(Pink)

Miss Georgia

Georgia 12-31-07


Rudy 12-31-07

Raleigh 12-07(Purple)


Raleigh on the move

Georgia & Rudy