Paige - Wyatt 2009

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Wk 5 has arrived and lots of new places to explore and more things to get into!

pink girl

there are two puppies under the table
Then Grandma put out the pool for those dog days of summer!
Then there was the grand reunion between mom and kids!!
we love you mom!

let's play
Then we decided to help Gram fill up all the holes in the back yard!
fresh dirt to dig in!

Tug time with mom always leads to:

WWV smack down time!

Mom is so much fun until she tries to eat me!

Opps! mom wins!
We are now 6 wks old and growing fast!
Blue boy

Pink girl

Purple Girl

Red boy

Blue boy watching the French Open that Maria?
We have now earned the right to be in the living room which is a whole new adventure because we are learning to potty outside NOT in the house!!

new toys!!


a new sneak attack place from under the couch!

sisters playing

Pink girl meets Maya

respect is a new word we must learn!

outdoor chase

We love being outside playing


WK 7 and it won't be long before we go home with our new families.  We are growing and having fun!
Blue asleep in water bowl

stick play

mom time

chasing mom

house time

pool party

swimming lessons







Red boy

nap time!!


blue boy










purple girl chillin
Wk 8 has arrived and with it the last of the pictures and it's always sad to see my babies go.  These next 3 pictures tell you why it's time for them to leave. Lots of rain and mud to play in!
mud puppies

more mud pics

purple girl is covered in mud

last drink with mom

last tug with mom

last stick time

we love you mom!

mom loves you back!

purples leap of faith

pink girl

purple girl

red boy



last nap together

Boone (Navy)

Maddie (Purple)

Chase (Red)

Roxi (Pink) is staying here

Boone & Obi

Roxi & Chase

Maya & Roxi learning space issues!

Neighborhood crime watch OR cat harassment issues!

Roxie Chillin!!

family take down!

eaten alive!

Roxi's new friend Tinder

On point!

the family chase

her favorite chicken head

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