Roxi - Gunnar 2011


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 Roxi 8 weeks pregnant

1 x-ray we couldn't get her all on

 better and we think we see 9
We thought she was due on about Dec 27-28 timeframe were we ever wrong on the count and the time!!
first born girl - Pink

this is my cat checking on the delivery

we just keep adding to the number

we love our mom

Roxi is so proud

she is learning to count

Roxi is so glad it's all over

the Hungarian hoard
I will start adding pictures weekly from now on so stay tuned for the adventures of the Christmas elves!!

day 4



yellow girl


a buddy pillow

the big stretch

nap time
We have started week 2 and we are growing fast!
Mr. Red Chilin

Day 7 lineup

so content

Miss white

we are learning to walk

sort of

the breakfast bar has arrived

yeah!! breakfast!!

We are now sporting our new "big dog" collars except for the ones who are still to small...stay tuned for more adventures!
day 9

we are starting to walk

well stumble and roll

any pillow will do

our pile gets bigger every day

our eyes are starting to open!
Week 2 and we are growing stronger every day!
black boy walking

one of the little girls

love this face

get off me!!

grey girl

it's a hard pillow

one of the boys

I call this the "huddle"

sweet babies

out cold


just chilling

a little lip service

we are on the move!
Week 3 - boy the changes are great they are growing fast and they are noisy!!  The fun has just begun!!
we are getting this bowl thing....sort of

poor Roxi - just look at her face in these few pictures

almost down

no room at the milk bar

Miss Tan

whispering secrets

Miss Pink


this picture should have been up a line or two...they are always screaming at her to lay DOWN...please!!

Miss Pink...first born...she will be the first one out of the whelp box I bet!

notice Miss Pink is teaching Mr. Turquoise (teal) how to walk along the edge...she was first born...he was last born!!

new digs in the kitchen

our day time digs

little man in the green bed

puppy pile

night time digs...notice the crate

we love our crate

10 puppy pileup

we are 4 wks old today and Gram is taking more pictures!

WK 4 cuteness!!

little red man

good to the last bite

just hanging out

jailhouse rock

Week 5 and we have started out outside journey and learning manners in and outside the house!
Lt Blue boy

5 weeks of cuteness!


Dude and his brother

dual beds

the gangs all here
Week 6 and we are going strong and getting into everything and growing at a rapid pace!!

LR fun

toy overload

free at last!

bone choices

we have found the stairs

can we climb them?

maybe as a pack

OK now what??

she missed the bed

well I guess she's comfortable

the line up

G'ma turn out the lights it's bed time!

our first snow....and we like it!
Week 7 is here....we are really getting to be a hand full for G'ma....but oh so much love and smooches!!
the boys checking out the tree

hiding puppy

we have found the hall and the....

spare room...oh what fun!

yep I'm cute!

we fill two beds now

we are eating G'ma out of house and home!

stump time

I hear you G'ma!

the retrieve

yard time

living room time

more play time

orange girl on left red man center

shed time
We are 8 weeks old now and it's time for us to go to our new families...we hope they love us as much as G'ma did!
Amy taking Laszlo home to his new owners! (family picture coming)

The Kerfoot family with Tan girl

The Gembala Family with Pink Girl

The Kaid Family with Lt Blue boy

The Ehrlich & Morse Family with Green boy "Teddy" aka little Dude

The Leary Family with Silver girl

The Lupa Family with Black boy

The Miller Family with Orange girl

The Mimikakis & Owens Family with Red boy "Turbo"
Then purple girl had to stay with G'ma for a few extra days as her family was on vacation so she made the best of it!
Cousin Abby won't share G'ma

But she will play with me....until

I start biting with these sharp little teeth!

then she bites back

and I tell her to stop

and she laughs at me!!

I have to have a nap because my family is on the way!!

The Stewart Family and purple girl
I sure hope hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas Elves as much as I did and I hope they send me updated pictures so that I can add them to this page!!

The May Family with teal boy "Lazslo" in Texas