Roxi - Jozsi 2013


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Roxi 7 weeks

Roxi 8 weeks

X-ray at 8 weeks

First born son

milk bar coma

well we thought we were finished

now we are! 6 boys 2 girls
The girls are yellow and pink and the rest are boys!
These are all day 1 pictures

orange boy

pink girl

red boy

royal blue boy brown boy

yellow girl black boy Lt. blue boy

best mom in the world

the whole crew

the milk bar is open
Day 2
puppy pile

she's got them under control now

mom and daughter

yellow girl turn off the lights

light blue boy
We will be a whole week old tomorrow....we are growing and loving life...

chillin out

even puppies seek the sun


the milk bar is open
From here on out I will post once a week....lots more pictures to come when their eyes and ears open and they really start moving we just sleep and eat and eat and sleep!
Week 1
that ray of sun is important

we are growing daily

the line up

the brothers

handsome man


just smoochable!
Week 2 and we are growing like weeds in the garden

the crew

orange boy

pink girl

brown boy

light blue boy

brothers back to back


butt to butt

please don't fart!

puppy pile


we almost have eyes
Week 3 is here and our eyes are open for the most part and we are more mobile....trying to walk and making all kinds of cute sounds
brown boy

chin rest

little red man

smack down

new collars

do you want something G'ma

play time

do you smell that

snooze time

pink girl

up and about

sleepy time

that ray of sunshine again!

our first meal...we are not sure what it is but it's really good

yum we have it all over us and it's great to suck it off our feet!

little red boy...mush face
things are moving fast not getting in the box with us....we have teeth!! Gram is setting up the kitchen digs for us later this week...
we are just cute!

 a little love from Jon

our last milk coma in the whelp box
Week 4 is here and new things are happening to us....
new digs going into place

we  LIKE it!

Grandma Paige loves us

we even get to eat out here

we love our new crate

lots of room now

now we eat and wear our food

G'ma gave us a new bed

we LOVE it!!

we still love our crate at night

red boy out cold

light blue boy

brown boy

sneak attack

nap time
Week 5 is here and we are growing and getting into everything....but we are getting cuter by the day...
Good Morning!

morning naptime

lunch coma

we love our water bowl

yellow girl's big escape!

this is what I wake up to every morning!!

oh if only you could smell it! so puppy people my house smells like puppy!!

back to cuteness....he's touching me!

pink girl

dinner coma

we are alert and ready to go!

new friends came to visit

our first trip outside with strangers

we like the sun and leaves

taking everything in

light blue boy

the race is on

pointing leaves

pink girl

so tired we fell out of bed

Week 6 and we are the move! Trying new things and loving life.
fun in the leaves

living room chaos

we found the toys

black brown pink

yellow orange  royal blue
we almost don't fit

black and light blue boys

snuggle time

black boy

bone time


pink girl

brown boy

orange and red boys

yellow girl

straw to,e

stump time

fun outside

headed back to house

royal blue boy

headed inside

Week 7 is here and we are growing by leaps and bounds...
we are a two bed litter now

but we still like to sleep together

stump time

shed time

our first snow

we like it

brown boy

red boy

brown and black

oops fell out of bed

royal blue boy

Their other G'ma Mallory came to times
It's now time for the babies to start going home....very sad they will be 8 weeks in a couple of days
stacked pictures

Brown boys family (Atom)

Red boys family (George)

Orange boys family (Waffles)

Black boys dad (Gunner)

Royal Blue boys family (Artie)

Yellow girls family (Ella)

Light Blue boys family (Kane)

Pink girl is staying here and her name is Sunny


Sunny and her aunt Bailey

Sunny playing with her mom

Sunny and the Xmas tree...first time I have ever put a x-pen around the tree....