Roxi - Poppy 2015


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Roxi at 7 weeks

Roxi at 8 weeks

how many do you see?

Poppy Brown on the move

Poppy Brown

Poppy on the move
So we waited and the BIG day got here...we started labor and the babies arrived on Sept 18th....all 10 of them.....we have 5 girls and 5 boys
first born son

they are arriving fast now

we are taking a small break

clean up time
I'm here by myself and we pulled an all nighter...and we finished up with surprise number 10 at 10:15 the next morning.

Day 2 the whole gang

tails & dewclaws done

nap time for all
From here on out I will posting pictures once a stay tuned
we are a week old...and filling out

the milk bar is getting full

so this what we think of Gram taking our picture!


tanking up with gusto!
So you can keep track....the girls are Pink, Purple, Yellow, Lime Green and Red.........the boys are Navy, Black, Grey, Orange & Green.....if I have to change collars I will let you know!
Green Boy

Navy Boy

black boy

Orange boy

grey boy

lime girl

pink girl

yellow girl

purple girl

red girl

sweet face

always kiss your mom in the morning

brotherly love

blue boy walking on rail

snuggle bunny

time with mom

mom & son in a ray of light

look how big we are!
We are closing in on two weeks..they are getting more mobile and their eyes have started to open...they now make all kinds of cute noises...
full milk bar

cute puppy pile

plotting their escape

two against one

sleeping circle
Weigh in this morning and we are all over 2 pounds and our eyes are open and we can growl and make fussing's now our 2nd week...

new carpet

mom checking on them

most of our eyes are open now

starting to look like real puppies

Gram no more pictures!

box training going well

peaking out

puppy pile
We are three weeks old now and growing...we all weigh 3 pounds or over and we are sucking the life right out of mom so Gram is going to start feeding us this weekend to help mom out a bit!
sweet faces

that ray of sunlight

learning to use the pads!

getting bigger
It's time for me to start feeding and helping Roxi out as they are getting bigger and more demanding!  They also have teeth popping through the gums and now it's NOT fun for mom anymore!
first meal and we were VERY hungry!

in less than a couple of minutes it was all gone....a good sign that it's time for me to take over their care!
Time for us to get out of the whelp box and move to bigger digs....we put Gram to work!

new digs

checking out the new digs

first meal in new digs

our new bed

nap time

tanking up before bedtime

night night
Week 4 and we are growing and gaining weight and I will have to make the area bigger very soon

bed full

out cold

nap time

this can't be comfy

let's talk about it mom

passed out after company

is it lunch yet?

cute faces

sister kisses

love from Uncle Jon

watching me clean
We are marching fast forward into week number 5...we have had to take over the kitchen for a bigger area....Gram is on microwave meals, delivery or carryout as she can't get to anything! We have also started going in and out to enjoy the nice weather and to start learning that peeing and pooping is done out there!
now don't get me wrong...I love them and most people think that raising a litter is all sunshine and kisses and wonderful moments and that's true for part of the time but then reality sets in!
after cleanup
Don't let the cuteness of the last picture win you over....they are sitting there watching me clean up their overnight mess!
before clean up - reality of what I find every morning!

shoved out of bed

piglets eating
These guys are starting to wear me out!  They are so much fun and they are starting to run in and out on a regular basis...
running the yard

peaking at the neighbors


everywhere at one time

we have found the back stairs
So we were having a eating issue...being little pigs and spilling food everywhere so our Aunt Jean came up with this idea and it works!
eating lunch

So we have gotten so big we now have to sleep in two crates...

new nighttime digs
Week 6 and we are really becoming little dogs now!
on the move

black boy

blue boy

lime green girl

green boy

orange boy

purple girl

pink girl

red girl

yellow girl in back

yellow girl

tug of war


spying on the neighbors
we are rocking and rolling now!!
we have found the back steps
we love the warm weather

black boy

orange boy

purple girl

pink girl

kitchen help

living room chaos

so many bones

catch me if you can
Week 7 and we are on the move now!
a little mom time

the running of the puppies

tunnel time

ball pit time....oh the noise that they created with this one

orange boy

nothing like a cardboard box

so big we need two beds

sisters lime green & yellow

no it's mine

black boy
Week 7 is coming to an end and the babies will be leaving the nest this coming weekend...I will miss them but the new families are in for a wild ride....
yard chaos

bubble time

we love bubbles

we do stairs


a bit cheeky

cute faces

lime green girl

running fast

and faster

the running of the puppies
Week 7 is coming to a close and the Bad News Bears will be going to their new homes this weekend so a final few pictures to enjoy! and a final few trips to the living room for some chewy time
The time is drawing closer to all the babies going to their new homes Then they start going home
Pink girl & family

Green boy & dad

Purple girl & family

Purple girl is going to Canada so one last kiss goodbye

Black boy & family

Yellow girl and family

Blue boy & family

Orange boy & family

Grey boy & family

Red girl & family

Lime Green girl & family
I have some lovely homes and hope they all keep in close contact with me...good luck little ones!