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My dogs have always lived with cats BUT since Chase will be 12 this year he seems to have forgotten that they are NOT to be chased or pounced upon.  He is driven to find them at all costs!!  What a hoot!! even if the cats don't think so!!
Punkin who hates dogs!

Maya who loves the dogs but looks legless in this picture!

Onyx my sons cat who hates the dogs almost as much as Punkin!

Chase- I can smell her!

I know they are behind this couch!!

Chase & Britt teaming up

If they run we got them

Cat door watcher!

I see the squirrel!!

Britt taking a nap

I am not spoiled!!

Chase & Greg Nationals 2006


Gracie & Bed Time Story

Bed Hog!!


Gabby says Hi!!

Gabby covers up at night


New CH "Libby Lou"


Rez & Rikka on bunny watch


Rez & Rikka Running Free




Rez on the move


Cool Off at my house

Happy 4th from Roo & Zoey

Roo & Zoey sharing

Britt 4-08


Bailey winning!

Chase 4-08 he will be 13 in August!!

Rez in the field

Penny new Master Hunter with owner Fred & judge

Rikka & Rez

Bailey & Carly

The Legacy Bounce continues in my breeding program!!

Brittany at 9 yrs old

It's summer and the pool is cool!!

Hannah & Max

Maya says Hi!!

Carly & Bailey sharing a chewy

Gracie sittin pretty
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