Vizsla Rescue

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Thank you for your interest in our Vizsla Rescue Program!
For more information please visit the Vizsla Club of America's web site:

There are many dogs needing homes at this time....please contact Debra Evalds (PA) at 267-307-1708 or  or Pat Hudson (VA) at 540-832-7555 or


Because Vizslas are becoming relatively well known in the United States, we get a few into rescue.   Many pure breed clubs have rescue organizations for dogs of their breed to place dogs found on the road, placed in shelters or from owners no longer able to keep their dogs. The Vizsla rescue program operates out of members homes where they bring these dogs in and evaluate them for social and medical problems if necessary.  Usually when we get a V into Rescue, it's usually because something has changed in the home and the current owners for what ever reason are unable to keep the dog. There are however some severe cases that are handled diplomatically.  Sometimes rescue becomes a referral source where the dogs remain in their own homes and are adopted from the original owners with VCA Rescue being kept abreast of what is going on and to whom the dog has been placed for future contact.  The only ones that are hard to place are the very old ones (9+).  With V's living to say 12-14 years these old, dogs still have a lot to give !

     We ask for a donation for our Rescue V's  In some cases, there is little cost to us, as when a healthy V is adopted out of a home.  On the other hand, some Rescue V's have expensive medical problems that must be solved before the dog is adopted.  By asking a donation from everyone, we hope that it will all even out. Some come to rescue with papers / some do not. Some dogs need special treatment to re-socialize them and some just need LOVE.  Some are abused and some are just hungry for food and attention.

     When we place a Rescue V with a new family, we ask that they sign an Adoption Agreement promising to take good care of the dog, keep up its immunizations, allow it to live in the home as a part of the family, etc.  The agreement also stipulates that the dog cannot be sold or given away without the permission of Vizsla Rescue.  We ask that the new owners give the V a few weeks to adjust to a new situation, and then if it doesn't work out to return the dog to Vizsla Rescue.   The agreement also stipulates that "I agree to hold harmless Vizsla Club of America, The Vizsla Club of America, Inc., its members, volunteers, agents, officers, their heirs and assignees for any problems with the dog or its actions".

If you're interested in being on a waiting list for a Rescue Vizsla please contact:
Debra Evalds
New Hope Vizsla Rescue
Phone:  (610) 527-2347