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Chris C. Pinney  Rick Reason (Illustrator)

Format: Paperback, 103pp.
ISBN: 0764103210
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated
Pub. Date: July  1998


No Picture
The Hungarian Vizsla 
Gay Gottlieb

Format: Hardcover, 2nd ed., 320pp.
ISBN: 1852791047
Publisher: TFH Publications, Inc.
Pub. Date: December  1999
Edition Desc : 2ND


Vizsla Champions 1985-1994: Champion Shrewsbury River Dallas
Camino E. E. & Book Company

Format: Other Format, 73pp.
ISBN: 0940808633
Publisher: Camino E.E. & Book Company
Pub. Date: April  1998


No Picture
Vizsla Champions 1960-1984 
Jan L. Freund

Format: Paperback, 131pp.
ISBN: 0940808064
Publisher: Camino E.E. & Book Company
Pub. Date: November  1986


Versatile Vizsla 
Marion I. Coffman  Foreword by Howard Falberg

Format: Hardcover, 1st ed., 264pp.
ISBN: 0931866545
Publisher: Alpine Publications, Incorporated
Pub. Date: February  1998


The Vizsla
B.C. Boggs,  Glenbrier Publishing Co., 1982 
ISBN: 0960883-00