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Mom, I think I see a cat

Yup, that IS a cat!

It's running this way!
Look, it is right outside the window!!!

We want it SO bad!!!

2017  Lots of things going on this year....Sadie Sue has started marching towards her Championship and she now has two majors and nine points and we hope to finish later this summer.  Some of my "bigger" puppies and they will always be my puppies are doing great things out there!  Tessie Sue has been doing a bang up job in the Therapy dog world....going to schools, including a college to help those studying for their finals...she also does senior living homes and funerals to help those in need.   Also Rayne is doing great in her Nose Work adventures.....and Sadie's sister Skye and her Junior owner are burning up the juniors ring and her mom says agility may be in her future also with the dog...

I'm also announcing that Abby has been bred to Crew and puppies are due around the 4th of July....

  Tessie Sue                                   Tess at work                             Rayne and her ribbons               Sadie's last show                   Skye & Sadie
Well 2016 got away from me...sorry about that guys....we had a litter and I kept a girl.....Sadie Sue or Legacy's Dance The Night Away.....she's been in the ring already and major pointed......Tessie Sue who is one of the Xmas Elves has been on a roll and finished lots of new titles and she's a Therapy Dog extraordinaire....she is quite the little lady with a personality who won't stop.  Some of Sadie's sisters have hit the ring and are doing great.  I do plan to breed Sunny Delight this year and maybe Abby again in 2017 so stay tuned.....


 Friends at Nationals                           Tessie Sue                                              Sadie
    SEP 2015 - The gangs all here!  Roxi had her babies on Sept 18th....she gave us 5 boys and 5 girls.....we are so excited!!  The "Litters" page add will be up shortly....then you can follow along in their Photo album.....stay tuned!
   AUG 2015 - It's been a busy summer for some of us...our girl Tess got her BN title and now is in training for her CD and some agility.....my girl Sunny Delight picked up another major and only needs 3 single points to finish.  Then Roxi and I headed to lovely New Hampshire in mid July to meet a very handsome man in the Sherwood Forest named Poppy Brown (CH. Pagliaccikzmr Mzadventures of Szikra's Poppy Brown) now we have a litter due in Sept....competition homes always welcomed.  Then the handsome old man Rumli has picked up a couple of new titles himself!  He got his NW2 title and is working on some "other" fun titles like his Treibball title and his novice trick dog title....what fun for a 10 year old!

Toby (CH. Legacy's As Time Goes By) has now earned his CHIC#(cleared all his health tests)  and is available to approved bitches as stud...

     APR 2015  Well it seems a whole year has come and gone and I need to really catch up here!  Lots of things happened so will try and get everything up and on the website... Lots of dogs got titles so I hope I don't forget anyone...
The first dog is new Champion Legacy's As Time Goes By(Toby)...next is Legacy's Catch Me If You Can (Tess) who got her RN & CGC this past year...the old man on the far right is Rumli who got his Nose Work title....then Vlad who has a new baby brother Carter....then Legacy's The Beat Goes on (Sunny Delight) who is major pointed and then CH. Legacy's Singin In The Rayne (Rayne) who now has new Nose Work titles to her name.....very proud of these guys!
     Dec 2013
Lots of news to update....Roxi and Jozsi (CH. Regal Point Konane) had a litter of 8....there were 6 boys and 2 girls on Oct 8th.  All have gone on to their new homes but one and she stayed here with me....she is pink girl and her name is Sunny....Legacy's The Beat Goes On......also we had light blue boy head off to Canada...his name is Kane or Legacy's Winner Take All and he will be out in an event in Canada near you...also brown boy went to NJ .... his name is Atom or Legacy's Atomic Joy....watch for him in local AKC events...check out the "litters page" for updated pictures of this crew!

It's with a very heavy heart that we let everyone know that we have lost the "Queen" of our home....Brittany Anne left us the Monday before Thanksgiving..she was in kidney failure and not doing great....she would have been 15 in January... she is greatly missed and the girls haven't figure out who is the new leader yet....

Also in the news Danny .... CH. Legacy's All The Right Moves CDX BN RE JH AX OAJ just got his Excellent Agility Jumper title....we are so proud of this boy out of Paige x Wyatt.....he is quite the mover and shaker in this group.

Also in the news we have bred Carly one more time.  She was bred to Bevo ( GCH. Venture's Legacy Of All That) and if pregnant will be due around early February....so keep your eyes peeled to the Litters Page for the official announcement once we know she's pregnant.

            SEP 2013  
Lots of news!!  Roxi is pregnant and the puppies are due around Oct 12th....stay tuned!!

OK the boys are now pointed!!  Pictures below!!  The Legacy gang and I will now be taking a break from showing and anything dog related because of upcoming litter of puppies....safety first....There is a contagious viral illness going around in the dog world....several states are involved....please stay away from dog parks and daycare centers...seems to be passed through stool samples so don't let your dog walk anywhere anyone other dog has gone to the bathroom....heads up people...right now it's only in Ohio and California.....

Still waiting on Toby's win picture....but the two boys below are the brothers Bleu and Charlie!!


    Bleu                                     Charlie
            AUG 2013 
Well lots going on this summer....lots of news so let's hope I can remember it all!!  FIRST I have bred Roxi (GCH. Legacy's Only In Your Dreams) to Jozsi (CH. Regal Point's Konane) will know in Sept if she is pregnant...very excited about this litter...puppies due mid Oct.....I'm always looking for competitive homes for these puppies....On the show front....Bleu is in Texas with his G'ma Amy and hitting the show circuit down there....his brother Charlie is also showing and is pointed in the NY area.....one of the sisters is coming back after a bit of vacation to hit the shows in PA this fall....GO Zimt!!!  Little Abby has been on a roll and finished her Grand Championship with a Group 2 win and several Best of Breeds....her younger brother also picked up his first win which was a major at the Harrisburg Cluster....go Toby!!!! Pictures to come of the boys....

    Abby's Group 2
           MAY 2013
 Well I have to apologize to everyone for being away for a year!!  I have been busy taking care of my mom in her final months of life....we lost her last May and it's just been a year of many changes and lots happening so now I will make a real effort to stay on top of this website....I promise!!  LOTS of updates and I know I will forget something so if you see this make sure you help me update the update.  Rayne is now a finished Champion!!  Her brother Leo is only a few points shy of his CH and he has his JH title and working towards his SH.  The puppies from the RoxixGunnar litter have started to hit the show circuit and are placing in the ribbons...Bleu and his handler Marcel have picked up their JH title in one weekend....what a team these two are!! Tess has picked up her CGC title and is practicing for agility and obedience....you will see her in the shows near you later this summer.
Both Roxi and Carly will be bred later this year when they come back into season!!  It was great fun to go to MN in May to our Nationals so that's why no babies this spring.

    Marcel his mom and Bleu              Rayne finishing                        Abby finishing

And THANKS to all the puppy owners who have gotten their titles as you gave Paige her ROM.....we do appreciate it!!
          MAY 2012 
Well May has almost come and gone!  Lot's to talk about....lots of shows....Abby(CarlyxZsmele) now has her second major so we just need a few singles to finish....Rayne (PaigexJourney) picked up her second major and is on a role to finish her Championship....way to go girls!!  We spent a week at Nationals along with the Keystone Vizsla Club Specialty the first week in May....KVC pulled 290 for their first specialty....we were REALLY busy for two days!!  Roxi took a AOM at the KVC Specialty....Abby was standing at the end in the BBE bitch class....which of course was the largest class all week...I think their were 40 bitches...she was one of eight standing at the end but with no placement....I was very proud of her.....I couldn't understand why she couldn't focus and was being silly in the ring....well I got my answer when we got home as she came into season for the first time at 12 months.

We also have had a new litter of puppies!! Carly was bred back to Zemmie and we got 3 boys and 2 girls born on May 26th....

 Greg & Roxi on the move            Tess (RoxixGunnar)                    The gangs all here                              Roxi's AOM at the KVC Specialty
          APR 2012 
Spring is finally here!!  I have finally gotten Carly bred back to Zemmie....it took almost 13 months before she came back into season...Puppies are due the end of May!!  Also we have a NEWS FLASH ...our little girl Abby is finally pointed in the show ring.  Right now I hopefully have young puppies (Xmas elves) out there training for their show careers and the rush is on as the National Specialty week is coming up fast!!  Please remember to enter the Keystone Vizsla Club's first Specialty on April 30th out in Ohio.....can't wait to see everyone at the Nationals!!

          MAR 2012
The Christmas "elves" have all gone to their forever homes and things are really quiet here in Legacyland!!
 The show season is starting and Abby and I will be at a show near you.  I have high hopes for some of the "Legacy" kids this year who are well on their way to their championships...I have just heard that Rayne (PaigexJourney) just picked up her first major in NY last weekend....way to go guys!!  Roxi will be back out as a Special at some shows and the Keystone Vizsla Club is supporting the entry at the Saturday show at the Celtic Cluster in York PA this month.  We have a great entry of 47!!  thanks everyone for the support.  Don't forget that the Keystone Vizsla Club will be holding a "match" right after BIS on Saturday....come and join us....we need the entries to help us get the last projects done for AKC.   Don't forget the Nationals are fast approaching in Ohio the first week in May....all the info you need is on the VCA website!!
            JAN 2012 

Happy New Year everyone!!!  The Christmas elves are growing ( check out the litters page for pictures) and I have started the interview process....We are taking a little break from the "dog show" scene to love on the babies for as long as I have them.  Stay warm everyone and remember the Keystone Vizsla Club will be hosting the Specialty on April 30, 2012 just before the Nationals start on Wednesday....please get your dues in before the end of the month and I still need lots of money to get the trophies going!!

         Dec 2011 

It's almost Christmas and the year is coming to a close fast!  Things have slowed down here at Legacy but that's about to all change.  We had the x-rays done of Roxi this morning and the vet's see at least nine puppies....little Abby was out to a few shows and has been RWB again and placing in the ribbons with very nice huge BBE entries...I'm very proud of her.....we will be back in the spring!!  Trig was entered....he needs some weight but placed in the ribbons both days...so proud of the little man...well Roxi's litter is due around Dec 28th....so the dogs and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

        Roxi's x-ray                        Bailey waiting for Santa               Roxi at 8 weeks                     The gang wishes you the best in the new year!!

So we thought the litter would be due around Dec 27-28 timeframe!!  were we ever wrong!! They were born Christmas eve and there were 10 of them!!  We are so excited to introduce the Christmas elves...5 boys and 5 girls....

    Keep and eye on the litters page for updated pictures as the "elves" grow and grow!!



          Nov 2011

 Wahoooo We have done a breeding between Roxanne (GCH. Legacy's Only In Your Dreams) to Gunnar (GCH. Dynata's Bound To Huntmore MH) puppies due right after Christmas....we will also repeat the breeding between Carly and Zsemle when she comes into season which should be within the next two months...I already have waiting lists on both litters....competition homes get first dibs....loving homes are a MUST!!
Also I have finally gotten a picture of Trig going WD...see below....I have also taken Abby my 6 month old puppy out for her first show and she came out of the ring with Reserve Winners Bitch....so proud of her!!!

            Trig                                      Abby                     Neighborhood crime watch! (Carly-Roxi-Bailey)


          Oct 2011

WAHOOOO!! Oct has become a great month....Rayne (Paige x Journey)  got more points.....her brother Trig is now pointed and their other brother Leo just finished his JH title!!  Also, not to be outdone by the younger crowd....Danny has earned his CD title....I am so proud of you guys!! I'm still waiting on pictures...from the boys....Roxie has kept her winning streak going...she got another Group placement and a big BOB win in the last few weeks.

We are still after AKC and the Keystone Vizsla Club is moving forward....we are very close so stay tuned!!

          Rayne's 1st points                          Roxie BOB

           Roxie's Group 3                     Leo's 1st points                   new JH Leo!!!

NEWS FLASH!!  Rayne has picked up more points owner handled....GO Sarah and Rayne!!  Also just heard from AKC and they have blessed our new club so everyone will hear more news about the Keystone Vizsla Club of PA shortly!!  We will be doing a "Specialty" that Monday April 30th, 2012 to kick off the week of Nationals in Huron, Ohio!!  Be there or be square!!!

          Sept 2011
HOT off the presses!!  Rayne is now pointed!!!  Rayne went WB/BOW to earn her first point!!  Picture coming!! Way to go guys I'm so proud of you!  Also, Roxie has finished her Grand Championship in style by taking the Breed and a Group 2!!
 I understand that Leo has gone back to his field training to finish his JH title and move on to SH.  I wish him and Russ luck this fall!!  Paige has been spayed but we also discovered that she had another Mass Cell tumor which we removed and we have her back on her cancer protocol....this is the second tumor so let's hope it's the last one!


         Roxie                               This is Abby...I have decided to keep one of the girls from the last litter!  What was I thinking!?!?

So I'm still waiting on pictures of Leo's win and now Rayne's win and as soon as I have them I will post!

          August 2011
 HOT off the presses!!  Leo just got his first points going WD/BW out in Canfield Ohio this past weekend!!  YEAH guys so proud of you!!   Gracie has gone home to her new family in CT....I can't wait to see how she grows up!! 
 Roxie is getting closer and closer to her Grand Championship!!  Just a few points to go! speaking of GCH's Paige was invited to the Eukanuba Invitational down in Florida in Dec.  We will pass because Paige has earned the right to be the ultimate couch potato as she will be spayed this month.  We will be cheering all our friends on that are going I know they will represent the breed well.

         JULY 2011
Lots of good things happening in July!!  I just found out that our Paige is a Top Producer for 2009 and 2010....I'm very proud of her and all my GREAT puppy people.  You must have produced at least 3 CH offspring to get on the list....her kids that finished in 2009 were Carly, Danny and Dexter and in 2010 her kids were Maddie, Obi and Roxie.....so I would LOVE to have it happen again in 2011....we are on the right path as Boone has finished this year already.  Also she now may be eligible for her ROM (Register of Merit) award as a Top Producer also....I already have 6 Top Producers to my name.....she is just carrying on the tradition her at Legacy....

Also just heard from Danny's mom and Rumli's mom and they have added several new titles to their dogs!!  All agility or rally titles....all I can say is WAY TO GO!!  I'm very proud of both of you!!  I'm waiting on pictures so as soon as I get them I will post!!

Boone says HI!!                                      Gracie and Abby

JUNE 2011

 Lots of things going on here at the home of "Legacy"...we finally got Paige's Grand Championship done thanks to Grandpa Greg .....  it seems to take forever!  Now on to finish Roxie's and get her back out as a "Special".  I hope to have Bailey in some shows this summer....we are just looking for those last two majors.  The puppies are growing up fast....they are 3 weeks old now and check out their newest pictures on the "Litters Page". 
I got some exciting news a week ago...seems one of the boys from the last litter  got his first pass on his Junior Hunter title....way to go Leo and Russ!!

 most of the Hunt Tests are now done until fall but I know they will be out and about to finish that title.
Russ and Leo went up to CT and earned another leg on their Junior Hunter title!!  Way to go guys!!  I also heard from another of my puppy owners and her dog Danny (CH. Legacy's All the Right Moves) has gotten some new titles of his own!!  He is now a NA NAJ BN and RN way to go guys!!
Also this past weekend Boone finished his Championship in fine style by going WD,BOW and Breed over the Specials....YEAH Boone and Melissa....he went into the weekend only needing one point !!
June is busy busy busy!! 

         May 2011
I'm behind the eight ball again guys.  Lot's of showing and lot's of judging with more judging in June and July.  To recap what is going on Boone has picked up his second major and now only needs one point to finish.  Well as usual I'm behind in my posts so here's a picture of Carly's X-Ray..
As you can see there are only two babies in there and they arrived today May 14th....Carly and her two daughters are doing great!

 Carly and her girls                            The sisters

Check out the "Litters" page for updates!!  Laurie Fairchild hooked me up again so that page is up and running and I will be adding baby pictures every week.  Just touch on the picture of Carly and the girls and it will open the photo album page for your enjoyment!

We thought Paige had gotten her Grand Championship title but alas we still needed 3 single points...she is out there this weekend hoping to pick up those points...she was BOS yesterday for a point so my fingers and toes are crossed for the next two days so she can be done with this showing thing.  She got Select Bitch on Saturday so one more day to go....

The Keystone Vizsla Club has been asked to do the Specialty just before the Nationals kick off in May 2012.  The paperwork has gone into AKC one more time so let's hope they bless us this time.

Mar 2011 

I know guys I have been away for a while.  About two weeks after Chase turned 15 I lost him.  My heart was broken for a very long time and then my father got really sick and I lost him in Jan 2011.  Then I had to stay on top of my mother to keep her moving forward.  We are all doing great now and moving on!  I lots to catch up on so bear with me!  We have a bunch of new Champions and I have bred a bitch so let's hope that 2011 is our year.
Where do I begin....let's see Maddie is finished, Carly is finished, Boone needs one major to finish.  Obi has finished his Championship, Bailey is back out in the show ring after a two year layoff and looking for her majors to finish.  Roxie is finished....Carly has been bred to an old dog (he's nine) out of my much beloved Dakota.....Oh how I hope this litter takes place....Zem OFA'd at nine years of age with an excellent!!  Rumli has finished multiple titles in agility!!

I'm out judging more and more but I do hope to keep on top of this website....my heart just wasn't in it before now.  I had a rescue dog in my home for about 4 months....she was hit by a car.....broken pelvis and it was touch and go but "Lucy" is doing fine and living in her forever home in VA. 

I know I have missed lots of stuff so as I think of it I will post!

                            Boone                                                Obi                             Rumli RN NA NAJ NF                   Zsemle - Dakota's son!


         Aug 2010 

           This has been a very busy month!!  Chase celebrated his 15th Birthday on the 2nd and very large cookies were had by all.    We have
            been out showing a bit this summer and Roxi's sister Maddie finished her Championship in fine style by taking all 4 days at Howard
            County with 3 majors in a row, thanks to her "special" handler Melissa for doing a great job.  Brother Boone is also now out and I 
            put several points on him and then Melissa took over at Harrisburg show weekend and but his first major on.  We are on a roll!  I
            have included some pictures for your enjoyment.


              Chase                  Chase                Maddie

        JULY 2010

         Lots to catch up on!  I have been very lax about posting as working my site is very time consuming.  I wish there was an easier way to do this.  Roxi finished her
           Championship in fine style!  Not to be out done her sister Maddie also finished her Championship with a sweep of all 4 shows at Howard County in July and picking

           up 3 majors in a row.  Well brother Boone is not to be out done and he is pointed and on his way!!  Looking forward to seeing the "new" puppies Leo & Izzy who

           are just getting ready to hit the show circuit.  These guys should be fun to watch as they are being handled by a "junior" handler!  We have all begun to think

           about Nationals which is the end of Sept this year.  Chase will be 15 in two weeks.....Lordy where has the time gone?


           Maddie                            Boone


   APRIL 2010 
  Roxi is on a roll.....we just got our second major at the Harrisburg shows!!  One point to go and she just turned 1 on the 16th!

The Paige-Journey puppies have all gone to their new homes and are doing well!!! 

Roxi won 3 of the 4 days at the York, PA shows and picked up another 4 points!!!!

Roxi winning her first major at the Bel Alton Maryland shows!!

       FEBRUARY 2010
         Updated puppy pictures - click here!!!

         JANUARY 2010

       January 20, 2010 - The "Queen" turns 11 years old!!!  Happy Birthday Brittany Ann!!!!

        FLASH!! January 18, 2010 - The babies are here!!  Born on the 18th, there are 3 girls and 3 boys and mom and babies are doing great!!  See the Litters Page for more info!

        New pictures will be added often, so keep checking!!!!



         NOVEMBER 2009

       My site is back up and working!!  Lot's of new news in this household.  We have just finished a remodel on the kitchen that took months! What was I thinking? We have two new Champions in Dexter and Carly. Their brother Obi only needs one point to finish.  Their baby half sister Roxi just got her first points!  We went to the Vizsla Nationals in late Oct in Charlotte NC and came home with several ribbons!

Paige has been bred to Journey (CH. Stonepointe Final Journey JH) and we hope that the babies will be due in late Jan.  This will be Paige's last litter.



         JUNE 2009

         It is with a very heavy heart that I pass on the news that we have lost "Robbie"  Robbie's parents called him "Robert" which was always to formal of a name for one of the happiest dogs I have ever bred or known.  He had just turned 14 in May.  He came to see me almost every summer of his life and he was a delight to have in the house. So, CH. Legacy's Turn Back Time is gone and he will be missed by all who loved him.

          Now on to happier news.  The babies have all gone to their new homes and are proving to be a delight.  Let's hope it stays that way!!  I kept the pink girl who is now known as Roxi or Roxanne if she's bad.  Her registered name will be Legacy's Only in Your Dreams.  I'm paying tribute to her Grandfather Chase who will be 14 in August.  This puppy is "bad" and she's cute and she knows it which is always a challenge for me to stay on top of her.

        May 2009

        FLASH!! Dexter & Carly earn more points!!  We picked up 2 points each over the weekend going WD & WB plus Dexter takes the Breed and BW and Carly went BOS both days.  

          The new babies are growing up so keep checking the litters page!

           Just heard that Danny has finished his Championship out in Ohio!!  Way to go team!!  He will now be known as CH. Legacy's All The Right Moves.  Now on to field and agility!!  Go Danny!!!

       Apr 2009

        FLASH!! The babies are here!!  Born on the 16th, there are 2 girls and 2 boys and mom and babies are doing great!!  I will try and update the "Litter's Page" with pictures as soon as I can this weekend.


NEWS FLASH!! Paige is pregnant and due mid April.  I have had some computer problems so I am now redoing some of the pages.  This one is one of them!  We are so tired of cold and rainy weather that we just want spring to get here with her warm temps and grass growing charm. 

          Dexter picked up his first major at the Harrisburg shows this month.  He's a nice young dog who is growing up slowly just the way we like.

          We are still getting slammed with rescue dogs.  We can always use foster homes and people who want to help transport dogs. 

        Feb 2009

       NEWS FLASH!!  Paige is being bred back to Wyatt this month.  The breeding should take place on Feb 13 & 14th so we hope to make Valentines Day a special one for Wyatt.  The puppies should be here around mid April.  I have a waiting list started so if you are interested I would contact me now!!  The show season will start soon and it will get very busy around Legacy.  I have several young dogs started and more to start this year.

         I have added new pictures to the photo album!

        Also we seem to be getting a lot of dog into the rescue system due to economic times and from people who just can't seem to wait to get a good dog from a reputable breeder so they are buying dogs off the internet or out of pet stores and these dogs are coming up sick or with bad temperaments or they come from backyard breeders who have no idea what putting their two dogs together will produce. 


      Jan 2009

       Happy New Year Everyone!!  The winter is pretty slow here at Legacy.  We spend most of our time catching up on all those things we don't get done in the busy show season.

      Nov 2008

         NEWS FLASH!!  We have another new CHAMPION!!  Known and loved by all Mr. Rudy finished today down in Salisbury MD.  Thank you to team Melissa Foehrkolb & Britt for handling him to perfection.  He will be know as CH. Legacy's Special Effects.  Show picture to come!!

         NEWS FLASH!!  Sister Carly got her first points on the 2nd!! She went WB and BOS.  That now is 3 of the Paige x Eric puppies to be pointed!!  Show picture to come!!


      Oct 2008

         NEWS FLASH!!  Dexter (Red Collar) was in his first show today (31 Oct) and went Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed for his first points!! Yeah Dexter!! 

          NEWS FLASH!! Obi is winning points and hearts out there.  We just finished up a 4 day show weekend where he won 3 of the 4 days.  He picked up a 3 point major and 3 more points so he is up to 8 points in two weekends out!   

                              Obi                                               Dexter

      Sep 2008

        Great News!! Here at Legacy we are proud to announce our newest Champion!!  She is known and loved as "Georgia Peach" and her registered name is now CH. Legacy's Georgia on my Mind!!

         Great News!!   Sept has started off with a BANG!!  Bailey needs two majors to finish, sister Georgia has been out and on a roll she only needs two points to finish after getting her 2nd major in NJ.  Brother Rudy got BOS in sweeps at the Big Apple Sporting Society show we had a great weekend out. 

              More Great News!! Legacy's Oban Bey (Eric x Paige) or Obi for short who will be 7 months old on the 26th of the month hit the show rings last weekend and picked up his first two points!!  Hannah one of his owners who is giving Juniors a try did well also by placing in the ribbons!!  Way to go guys!!

         Georgia                       Rudy & Georgia                    Moth hunting                       Obi

      Aug 2008

       Great News!!   August is starting off with a bang!!  Sister Georgia on the board with a major win in Canfield Ohio and several single points.  That's 4 of the 5 puppies on their way to their Championships.  Show picture of Georgia coming soon.  Danny also picked up more points in the last weekend of July so we are very proud here at Legacy. 

      July 2008

       Great News!! The 2nd of July litter of last year are causing "Fireworks" of their own in the show ring this month.  Bailey who belongs to me was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed on Thursday July 3rd before she went on to a Group 4!! Her brother Rudy was out in the show ring for the first time that weekend and came away with both majors and a single point to give him 7 towards his Championship.  Bailey only needs her majors now to finish.  Sister Georgia not to be out done was also in the ring this weekend and took 1st place in her class.  The other brother Danny is also pointed in the show ring and he will be looking for his majors soon.  One more sister to hit the show ring this summer and the gang will be complete. 

            Bailey                                Rudy                           Danny